A teacher takes a hand, opens the mind and touches the heart. Apart from the curriculum, children need to be nurtured to develop good habits and manners. Empathy, respect, and teamwork are crucial qualities for any adult because inculcating such qualities as a persons character must be done when he is in his pre nursery singapore phase . The non-academic skills a child must learn are:-

1) Self-confidence socialization with people apart from immediate family members helps boost self-confidence and helps overcome timidity or shyness. Positive interaction with other people helps secure self-esteem and promotes initiative approach by the child. While interacting with others, the child is more accepting and appreciative of others difference. This helps achieve a well-rounded character as the child becomes an adult.

2) Teamwork playing games or conducting group activities helps in providing opportunities to work together as a team. This encourages every child to participate. Sharing, caring, taking turns and cooperating are the objectives of non-academic skills. Respect for fellow team members can also develop over a period of time as repetitive teamwork games or activities are conducted. Patience towards team members, listening to the opinion of others and considering every member as an equal helps a child respect others. As the group works together, better concentration can be accepted which later can be channeled into individual concentration.

3) Holistic development the strong foundation laid for a childs social, mental, physical, and emotional development is an approach developed to help them face the world. Resilience must be inculcated in children at a young age to learn to cope with failure, losing a game once in a while, bruises, and bumps. This prepares them for the greater challenges that life will test them when they are independent adults. This helps the child deal with challenges in a realistic manner managing their own emotions.

4) Look forward to learning when learning is made fun, a child is eager and enthusiastic to learn more. Love for learning in forms of discovery, learning, and reading; encourages effective learning. The child listens to instructions and carries them out more effectively. Respect for authoritative figures like parents, teachers, and elders can be seen in such children. Through experience or setting oneself as a role model, conveying the value of education can be achieved.

RSVP now to experience these non-academic skills work their magic as children learn the true essence of character building.

Online advertising is referred as the type of marketing done for a product using internet as the medium. For someone who is newly moved to Singapore and shortly opening an apparel boutique, the VISIBILITI Online Advertising Singapore works wonders but also requires to cross check the methodology being applied. Fast moving digital world is demanding the online marketing or advertisement a must for firms from any domain and specialization. It is the easiest way to approach the targeted audience in any form of online marketing, but it has its own cons that have to be kept in mind too.

Pros – The advantages are little inexpensive, gratification, testing, geo-target and exposure.

* Inexpensive / cost effective – When compared with any advertising on newspaper, TV spots and FM an online banner is cost effective and economical.

* Gratification – If the online advertising or marketing is about any products that were sold, it is easy for a customer to shop at the convenience of sitting at their own home which is the biggest advantage that can never be beaten, because lack of time and busy with personal work is today’s trend.

* Testing – If the marketing or advertising is made through distributing pamphlet, calculating the response or to understand if people like it is a very slow process. In online to measure any kind of positive or negative response can happen over a snap. One can modify and tune them as per the response received.

* Targeting – Observing the trend of which geographical audience are watching the ad, helps creating new ads that can connect the local audience.

* Exposure – Since there is no holiday for any online ad, it is on air for the people 24X7.

Cons – The disadvantages are like excessive advertising, Measuring, Scope, Many options

* Excessive advertising – Drawing attention of customer is common in any form of advertising be it online or offline. But, that should never hold vast information. Always campaign in as simple and creative way as possible that will convey the message straight and connect emotionally.

* Measuring – To measure success become paralyzing in the online mode of advertising because there will be as many forms of statistics available. So, it is always suggested to have clarity on what should be a measure to success like sales or clicks or what?

* Scope – Though the current trend shows many viewers for online advertising, there are few who still depend on traditional advertising, so better opt two versions and check the scope of marketing in every way possible.

* Many options – Customers have many options with the availability of hundreds and thousands of websites doing same thing. But, the difference can be made by choosing the right website to display ads for the niche audience.

With these insights make an evaluation before starting the campaign online by looking at each pros and cons. So, happy advertising!

Advertising on media is the most common way of marketing since ancient times and often organizations wonder if they should be using Google or Facebook as the online medium to market their product and company. Both of these are strong competitors which enhance visibility, bolster sales, increase leads and find new customers for your business. Below are some differentiating facts about each of these platforms:

Audience Selection – Facebook marketing Singapore gives you the flexibility to choose your audience With the filtering options available through the profiling information on Facebook, you can choose your customers based on their demography, geography or their interests. This is an easy way to customize your ads which in turn will reach out to the right set of segmented population.

On this front, Google adwords triggers advertisements basis the preferences of the users however, the way Facebook knows its people, Google Adwords doesn’t. Google will not have the profile information of the customers like Facebook has. One drawback is that the ads that get shortlisted on Google Adwords basis the keywords punched may not be an exact desired match.

Ads v/s ads – The process of creating ads on Facebook is different from that on Google Adwords. Ads on Facebook target people’s interests and who they are. Google Adwords on the other hand picks ads basis the key words or the information that the user intends to search for.

Building Brands – Google Adwords provides link to the company’s official website where there is a lot of information available. Google also makes a note of the bounce back rate and can reduce the company’s ranking is the bounce rate is high.

Facebook advertising on the other hand is a social proof and can be leveraged against word-of-mouth. Trust in a product or a company can increase if you see that a friend of yours has liked or is associated to it. The ads posted on Facebook are viewed by users many times and they can take their time building trust in it. Once done, they can choose to go through the official website of the company. This way the pressure of immediate performance of the company’s page is also reduced.

Besides these, cost and customer demography are additional areas which help distinguish which of the two online marketing giants suit best for your business. If your business benefits more in research mode, the Google Adwords is the model that will help improve your sales and presence. But if you want to focus on marketing based on word-of-mouth and having a personal connect with customers then Facebook ads can help create that relationship.