Advertising on media is the most common way of marketing since ancient times and often organizations wonder if they should be using Google or Facebook as the online medium to market their product and company. Both of these are strong competitors which enhance visibility, bolster sales, increase leads and find new customers for your business. Below are some differentiating facts about each of these platforms:

Audience Selection – Facebook marketing Singapore gives you the flexibility to choose your audience With the filtering options available through the profiling information on Facebook, you can choose your customers based on their demography, geography or their interests. This is an easy way to customize your ads which in turn will reach out to the right set of segmented population.

On this front, Google adwords triggers advertisements basis the preferences of the users however, the way Facebook knows its people, Google Adwords doesn’t. Google will not have the profile information of the customers like Facebook has. One drawback is that the ads that get shortlisted on Google Adwords basis the keywords punched may not be an exact desired match.

Ads v/s ads – The process of creating ads on Facebook is different from that on Google Adwords. Ads on Facebook target people’s interests and who they are. Google Adwords on the other hand picks ads basis the key words or the information that the user intends to search for.

Building Brands – Google Adwords provides link to the company’s official website where there is a lot of information available. Google also makes a note of the bounce back rate and can reduce the company’s ranking is the bounce rate is high.

Facebook advertising on the other hand is a social proof and can be leveraged against word-of-mouth. Trust in a product or a company can increase if you see that a friend of yours has liked or is associated to it. The ads posted on Facebook are viewed by users many times and they can take their time building trust in it. Once done, they can choose to go through the official website of the company. This way the pressure of immediate performance of the company’s page is also reduced.

Besides these, cost and customer demography are additional areas which help distinguish which of the two online marketing giants suit best for your business. If your business benefits more in research mode, the Google Adwords is the model that will help improve your sales and presence. But if you want to focus on marketing based on word-of-mouth and having a personal connect with customers then Facebook ads can help create that relationship.