What Is It Like For An Adult To Learn Piano?

It is natural for anyone to be doubtful about their learning abilities once they cross a certain age, however the truth is that the process of learning never stops. It is absolutely possible for any adult, who has little to no knowledge about music, to master any instrument of their choice and that too without any restriction of age. Many adults feel that it is literally mortifying, when they have to learn playing an instrument like the piano with little kids, but it is nothing like that. Learning to play piano with little kids is a joyous experience which soothes the soul while stimulating the brain. Considering the previous fact, it is not a surprise that, learning to play piano is one of the most sought after music course in Singapore. Piano classes at Ossia Music School caters to learners of all age and abilities. In this article we shall discuss, what it is like for an adult to learn piano.

How does an adult piano learner differ from the child piano learner?
This is actually a no brainer, adults are intrinsically more sophisticated when compared to children, due to this, they are able to grasp the music theory a lot quicker. Adults owing to their superior muscle control, can learn the intricate techniques involved in playing the piano, far more quickly than the children. It is not surprising that almost all adults are more successful in mastering the piano when compared to children, because when they do take up the piano learning course, they do it because of their own passion whereas the children take it up because their parents advised them to. Lastly, adults have the most shortest learning curve when it comes to mastering the
piano owing to the greater attention span and better self control.

Guidelines for mastering the piano
The fundamental requirement for mastering the piano whether as an adult or a child is steadfastness. The process of mastering the piano is a significantly lengthy one, it demands a lot of diligence, endurance and dedication to succeed. The only way one can master the piano, is if they practice it daily for at least an hour, without making any
excuses. The skills cannot be gained overnight, it requires lot of practice and perseverance. There are bound to be plenty of obstacles while learning to play the piano, but the important thing is, one should never give up trying to overcome these obstacles, no matter how long it takes.

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